Chewing gum is perhaps one of the worst things to get on a carpet. It’s an extremely sticky material that is hard to get rid of from most surfaces. This is particularly true if you’ve got soft fibers on your carpet.  

The flexible texture of chewing gum means that it easily gets into tiny gaps. It creates a tight bond with just about anything it comes into contact with.  

Gum will only stretch and break apart if you try to pull a piece of it off the carpet using your hand. Doing so will only leave behind an appealing chunk of messy residue.  

For the unprepared, the sticky remains are particularly difficult to get rid of. However, if you’ve got knowledge on how to do it properly, you’ll notice that getting rid of gum from carpets is a lot easier.  

Aside from hiring a professional carpet cleaning Chandler company, here are some steps you can follow: 

Prepare the Affected Spot 

Get a thin piece of cardboard. Then, create a hole as wide as the gum on the carpet. One good example of this is the back of a spiral notebook. The purpose of this thin cardboard piece is to protect the surrounding carpet while you get rid of the gum. 

All you need to do is to place the whole over the affected area.  

Freeze the Gum 

Get a plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes. Next, rub the cold plastic bag over the affected area. Don’t worry about getting your carpet wet because the plastic bag will hold the melted ice. Keep on rubbing the ice over the gum until it becomes hard. 

It will be easier for you to remove the gum if it is frozen. The reason for this is that the process causes the molecules to relax and contract their bond to the carpet.  

Scrape the Gum 

After the gum is hard enough, use a silicone kitchen scraper, spatula, or dull knife to get rid of the gum gently. Keep repeating the steps above if several stubborn pieces of gum stay behind.  

Clean the Affected Area 

Apply lacquer thinner to the remaining pieces of gum. To do this carefully, you need to use a sponge.  

Read the directions on the label for safety precautions. Keep in mind that lacquer thinners might release harmful odors. Aside from that, they are also flammable.  

You can also try citrus-based adhesive removers. Gently scrape or blot the last pieces of gum until they are gone.  

Get Rid of the Stain 

Once you get rid of all bits of gum, you might notice a stain on your carpet. Luckily, there is a simple way of getting rid of it. All you need to do is to combine 8 parts liquid dry-cleaning solvent with 1 part mineral oil.  

Apply a tiny amount to the affected area and firmly press down using a sponge. Also, you should go ahead and get rid of the cardboard.  

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rub the stain since it will only spread. After this, you’re done removing the gum from your carpet.